Monday, November 18, 2013

Panambi, Brazil - Week 8 (November 18, 2013)

Oi guys!

I have a couple cool/funny mission experiences to share with you!

So Tuesday we ate lunch with some (almost) members, Daniel and Sandra. They always make us really good food, so we like going there. But Tuesday we sat down to eat and there was a pot of rice stuff with chicken and Sister Saito asked what it was that we would be eating, and Daniel just looked at us for a second and said "Uhh, we'll tell you after you start eating." So we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and started to eat. It was super good though! So I stopped being worried. Then after everyone had eaten a good amount, and as I had a forkful of chicken/rice deliciousness halfway between my plate and my mouth, Daniel mentioned offhandedly that what we were eating was "frango de cerveja" (frango = chicken, cerveja = beer). Yep...

Hahaha, it's okay though. They used beer without alcohol (apparently they have that here). It was still delicious though, I'm not taking that back.

Basically all of Tuesday was awesome. After lunch we taught a 15 year old investigator, Thalia, who wants to be baptized. We love teaching her. We just get to relax and be her friend and talk about the gospel. It's pretty awesome. Then we taught another golden investigator, Janice, who is SUPER prepared to accept the gospel. She says she's been looking for a church with the true prophet for years now, so on Tuesday we showed her President Monson's talk from General Conference in October, and she said she knows he's the true prophet. In her words (translated into English): "You can see the truth in his eyes. It's the same thing I see in your eyes." SO COOL. We love her. :) We found another elect that night, who was a referral from the non-member wife of a less-active. We're teaching her again tonight, and we're excited!

Well, that's all folks! Out of time. Love you all, keep the people of Panambi in your prayers, they need it! Até mais!

Sister Gold

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