Monday, February 10, 2014

Camobi, Brazil - Week 20 (February 10, 2014)

Hey guys!!

Sorry I haven't written for so long! I'm here in Camobi though! I've been here three weeks and I love it! It's like paradise, only it's hot as inferno here... It's been around 40 degrees recently, which I'm told is about 102 or 103 degrees for us Americans. And with the humidity, and the size of this ginormous area and amount of walking we do... It's difficult. It starts getting hot at about 6:30 when we wake up, and starts to cool down at about 6 o'clock the next morning. Hahaha. Good thing we've got air conditioning in the apartment! And by air conditioning, I mean 2 fans. Haha seriously, I don't know how the people here live like this. I take a shower when we get home and as soon as I turn off the water I start sweating again. So basically my skin is never dry. It's horrible.

But the members are cool here! They're super nice and many of them are really useful and involved in the missionary work, and the lunches are supreme. Most of the time we get dessert too, so that rocks. :) We are working with a few good people, but are having a lot of difficulty in finding people who will progress, or even let us in to teach them. It's a little discouraging, but we're hanging in there! I'm learning a lot... And my portuguese is getting a lot better because my companion doesn't speak any english! Actually, she speaks a little. I taught her how to say "You're driving me crazy!" and "Shut up!" because I always say that when we pass by a house with really annoying dogs that bark really loud. ;)

I don't have any more time to write today, but I love you all! Have a lovely week!

Sister Gold

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