Monday, January 20, 2014

Panambi, Brazil - Week 17 (January 20, 2014)

Hellooooo my beloved friends/family/acquaintances/strangers!

This week has been a lovely end to my stay here in Panambi. That's right, I am being transferred, finally. The past four months have been quite a ride! I've been through basically everything here. As much as I've suffered physically and emotionally in my beloved city of Panambi, I have also learned and grown so much here. And more than anything, grown to love the people here. It really is very hard to say goodbye. This will be my first transfer as well, so I'm excited/nervous for what's to come. I'll be going to Camobi, an area in Santa Maria that is known as the college town. From what I heard from the Sisters here, it is a very "chique" area. Or in other words, fancy. The ward, apparently, is perfect, and the members have pretty houses and they always have dessert at every lunch appointment. So I'm pretty pumped for that! It's quite the opposite of Panambi, so it will be a weird adjustment. Camobi is also a huge area, but it's totally flat, so that's going to be different. Tchau tchau, montanhas de Panambi! I'll be teaching a lot of young people, so I'm excited for that too (also the opposite of Panambi, aka City of the Elderly). FINALLY I'll have investigators who have INTERNET!!! Yes...

This week has been great, though the last few days have been rather sad, having to say goodbye to everyone. Robson and Cristina, two of our best investigators, are pretty heartbroken that we're both leaving (oh yeah, Sister Saito's being transferred too because she's going to be the new SISTER TRAINING LEADER in Uruguayana, woohoo!) but Robson said he will try to come visit me in Santa Maria. They are planning to get married soon so they can get baptized, and I love them both to death. :) Our perfect investigator, Janice, and her son Gabriel and husband Fabio are really sad that we're leaving too, and Sister Saito and I are pretty heartbroken to be leaving them the week before Janice and Gabriel are planning to get baptized... Boo... But Fabio said that they will try to come down to Santa Maria one Sunday and go to church in my new ward so they can see me again. :) Awwww I LOVE THEM! Then saying goodbye to all the members in the branch was super hard yesterday... You know you're loved though when people cry when you leave. ;)

In conclusion, I am very sad to leave Panambi because of the people, but everything else... I'm not so sad to say goodbye to. Tchau tchau, Panambi! Óla, Camobi!

Sister Gold

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