Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MTC (Missionary Training Center) Week 2 (July 9, 2013)

Oi amigos!!!

It has been a fine week here at the MTC! The fourth of July was awesome! We had a special devotional where we got to watch the movie 17 Miracles (great movie by the way!). It's all about a handcart company of early Saints who traveled west to Zion, and all their stories are true! Watch it if you haven't seen it yet! Then after that we all went outside and got ice cream bars and got to watch the nearby fireworks show!! So fun! We also got some new investigators this week that we're going to start teaching tomorrow and Thursday. Should be exciting! The teachers here are so good at role-playing the part of investigators, because they use real stories of people they taught while on their missions. It makes it feel so real! I love it. :) I can't wait to get out there and start teaching! I feel much more confident in my ability to teach in Portuguese! I love getting to practice teaching investigators or other missionaries and stretch myself to be able to ask the questions and give the responses I want to say in the moment. It's a lot more fun than it should be!

So a few of us in our district last week adopted a pretty fun way to stay entertained with all the stress and studying that we've got going on here at the MTC. It's called Spooning. What we do is sneak a few spoons out of the cafeteria during meal time, and throughout the rest of the day try to slip them into random people's pockets without them noticing. It sounds dumb, because it is pretty dumb, but we do whatever we can to stay entertained. :) So that went on for a few days, but we decided collectively that it was becoming a bit too much of a distraction, and was a rather irreverent activity for missionaries to be doing. ;) Anyway, thought you'd all get a kick out of that!

I hope everyone's doing well! I miss everyone a lot! Tchao until next week!!

Love, Sister Gold

P.S. I love letters!!!

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