Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MTC (Missionary Training Center) Week 1 (July 2, 2013)

Ola everyone! Como vais?! Tudo bem?

It's the end of week 1 here at the Provo MTC and I have to say... It rocks!!! Things here are so crazy but so spiritual and awesome! It's like all the best parts of EFY x 1000, and I get to be here for SIX WEEKS! It's going to be awesome. Just awesome.

My first day was totally overwhelming because they basically just took me to my room so I could put my stuff down and then took me to a classroom where my teacher spoke only Portuguese to us for about 3 hours. I'll be honest... I started wondering what I had gotten myself into. HOWEVER, Portuguese is coming so quickly! I've never learned so much so fast, and I just keep learning more every day! We practiced teaching our first lesson to an investigator named Joao (Portuguese for John) on Friday, and that really got us motivated to start teaching ourselves the language!! It's pretty frustrating when you really want to say something that you think could really help someone but you have NO IDEA HOW! Haha, but oh well. Tudo bem!

A couple of things I love here at the MTC: The BYU chocolate milk. So delicious. Mmmm.... Also, my district. They are the best! Everyone is so funny and lively and unique and awesome! It feels like we're a family! I can't imagine our district without any of them! There are 13 of us. Elders Smith (district leader whose companion never showed up... Yikes), Mackey, Richardsen, 'Iongi (he's Tongan, but from Portland, Oregon. People always ask him that...), Bigler, Null, Orr (who is going to my mission, Santa Maria! Once we get our visas...), Gangler, and Seaman. Then there are Sisters Tillman, Christensen, and Taylor (my awesome companion from Texas who I love a ton!!!). All three of them live in my room with me, and they're the best! And then there's me! Another thing I love: choir! It is so awesome here! So powerful... We get to perform a song for the devotional tonight! I'm so excited! I also love the teachers and devotionals and workshops and speakers. They're just way awesome and I'm learning so much! My zone is amazing. There are a couple of people I know from BYU in it! Fun stuff.
Anyway, it's about time for me to go! Take care! Talk to you soon!

Tchao tchao!

<3 Sister Gold

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