Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MTC (Missionary Training Center) Week 6 (August 6, 2013)

Oi tudo mundo!!
This week had been fantastic, as always!! It was a very exciting and eventful week! On Friday my district received their reassignments, because no one except me has gotten their visas yet. Sister Tillman was the first to leave early Saturday morning for Scottsdale, Arizona! On Monday evening Elders Bigler and 'Iongi left for Milwaukee, Wisconson. After them, Elders Smith and Richardson left for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the same time that Elder Null left for Redlands, California at 2:30 this morning. At 3:30, Elder Orr left for Philadelphia as well (we're not sure why he wasn't on the same flight as the other elders), and at 4:30 Elders Mackay and Gengler left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Fort Worth, Texas. We all got up ten minutes before each group left to say goodbye and walk them over to the bus stop. It was a pretty tear-jerking experience. It's so sad to say goodbye to my district! Today Elder Seaman will be leaving for Provo, Utah (his trip won't be very long) at 4:30, and Sisters Tayor and Christensen will leave for San Jose, California at 2:30 tomorrow morning. And then it'll just be me. I'll be joining a new district tonight, so that'll be good. I already miss my district so much though! We got incredibly close over these last six weeks! Goodbyes have got to be one of the most difficult parts of being a missionary, I'm starting to realize...

Anyway though, I don't want to make this whole letter sad, because I really had an awesome week! On Sunday night we had a really special devotional by Jenny Oaks Baker, a well-known violinist, who played several songs for us with brief spiritual thoughts between them. She talked about seeking after spiritual gifts, and how they have to be used to serve the Lord. I loved it. My favorite part was when her four kids came up and played I Am a Child of God, with her 12-year-old daughter on violin, her 10-year-old daugher on piano, her 8-year-old daughter on the cello, and her 6-year-old son playing the classical guitar. It was SO precious! And they were very talented.
Another fun thing that happened this week was Twin Tursday! Sister Taylor, being the best and most hilarious companion ever, decided to wear my extra boot and use my other crutch and be twins with me for a day! It was pretty comical. And then the next day we celebrated Free Bin Friday, where all the sisters wore one article of clothing we found in the free bin in our hall (which is basically just a bucket where sisters can put things like clothes or shampoo or food that they don't want or they can't fit in their suitcases). It was awesome. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, and our district got to perform a special musical number because we're leaving this week (most of us, anyway), and that was so awesome! We sang Careco de Jesus (I Need Thee Every Hour), and it was otimo!! Then testimony meeting was great too. I love how strong I feel the Spirit here. It's amazing.

So in conclusion, this week has been really hard in some ways, really hilarious in others, and as always, really rewarding. That's missionary life for you!
Eu amo voces muito muito muito! Obrigada por tudo! Tchao!

Sister Gold

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